• "It had been a challenge to manage our collections.  TSA took the time to understand our clinic and our needs and created a collection plan that helped streamline and improve our process."
    –  Mile Bluff Clinic

  • TSA President Rhonda Helgeson shares vision for company

    Rhonda Helgeson became the primary owner and new president of Tri-State Adjustments, Inc. in the summer of 2014 when she succeeded long-time business partner, former president and TSA’s acting Chief Financial Officer, Larry Geier.

    “I am thrilled to inherit the presidency from Larry,” says Helgeson. “Working closely with him for the past 25 years has taught me a great deal about running a successful business. I can’t thank him enough for all the wisdom and meaningful conversations he’s shared through the years.”

    With Geier now serving as the company’s CFO, TSA retains the core brain trust of both Helgeson and Geier – the two driving forces behind the Midwest’s most respected collections agency.

    “TSA has grown leaps and bounds during our first 25+ years in the industry,” boasts Helgeson. “But I’m confident that the best is yet to come. I’m convinced we have the hardest working staff in the industry. Not only do they know the business inside and out, they know how to work with people to get the desired outcomes.

    “I’m also excited for our new technologies – specifically ClientConnect. At TSA, we’ve always pushed the envelope using better tech to achieve better results and deliver a better customer experience. We will continue that philosophy moving forward.

    “I’m excited for the future of TSA and for our clients, and I couldn’t be more pleased to serve as president.”

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