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    Plenty of collection services talk about “state-of-the-art” technology, but few actually have the resources and expertise to back it up.  At TSA, we work collaboratively with leading software companies to stay ahead of the curve and introduce innovation to the collections industry.  Here are just a few examples of TSA technologies at work:

    • Consumer Web Link
      Consumers now have the option to review their account status, check their payment history and make payments online.  It’s the collections process made simple.
    • ClientConnect
      TSA clients have access to their information as housed on our database allowing them unlimited opportunities to review a consumer’s account and print a variety of customized reports.  Client Web Link also allows immediate web messaging with our customer service team.
    • Collaboration Center
      TSA and our clients can mutually share and exchange sensitive information and files using our unique secure file transfer system.
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
      TSA technicians work with a variety of receivables management software programs.  Resulting VPN connections allow TSA collection specialists to connect directly with a client’s database from our offices to make updates.  As a result, clients can view any changes we make as they happen.
    • Multiple Payment Options
      For ease and efficiency, TSA is equipped with technology allowing us to take payment via credit card, debit card and check over the phone, online and through notice remittance forms.   We pursue all available avenues to expedite the payment process.
    • Imaging
      All paperwork entering our office is imaged and entered into our database.  This means we can access the various external pieces of information (billing statements, account histories, special notes, etc.) pertinent to any account in just a matter of seconds.
    • Predictive and Automated Dialing
      TSA is a pioneer in introducing advanced technology to increase call volume and capabilities.
    • Skip Tracing
      TSA Skip-tracers have access to the latest resources for locating individuals and their assets.
    • Credit Reporting
      With constant communication to the three major Credit Bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Trans Union), TSA is able to update credit files to display any past due balances and judgments.  TSA also receives updated employment information from our partnering credit reporting agency through our Watch program.
    • Secure Data Environments
      TSA maintains its own network of servers, updated with the latest software and backed-up nightly.  Should disaster strike, TSA is prepared with a detailed disaster and recovery plan and will work appropriately to restore business operations.
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